Julian Avery Leonard
Launceston Mockup I.jpg


I designed a new corporate identity for the city of Launceston with a custom display typeface. I defined a direction for the city’s rebranding, including redesigning their tourism website.

My goal was to give this small Tasmanian city a distinctive voice of its own, to build the brand as a visitor destination in its own right on the island. I conducted interviews with mainland Australians about their perceptions of Tasmania and familiarity with Launceston. Based on my research, I focused on setting Launceston apart from Hobart (the largest and most well-known city on the island) by primarily appealing to young families, mostly from mainland Australia, who would be attracted to the manageable size and community feel, in which hiking trails and picnic areas are all walkable from the entire downtown. From there I created the visual language to project a compelling family-friendly vibe, wholesome but quirky with a playful self-awareness, a slight edge. I paired my custom typeface for headings with images of the awe-inspiring Tasmanian landscape, reinforcing the ongoing revitalization of Tasmania as a brand and connecting it to Launceston, suggesting a weekend trip full of nature and outdoor activities in an interesting, lovable, offbeat little city.